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Apollo Scraper Bot is a Telegram bot , where you can submit Apollo search URLs and receive contact information in CSV, ready to be used for B2B sales outreach.

$3 per 1000 contacts

Export leads in minutes, at an unbeatable price.

Don't break the bank exporting contacts directly from Apollo. With Apollo Scraper Bot, you export data at just $3 per 1000 contacts. Maximize your outreach efforts without overspending.

$3 per 1000 contacts

Quick answers

1. What is Apollo Scraper Bot? Apollo Scraper Bot is a Telegram bot that enables users to submit Apollo search URLs and receive contact information in CSV format for B2B sales outreach purposes.

2. How cost-effective is Apollo Scraper Bot compared to direct exports from Apollo? Apollo Scraper Bot is much more cost-effective, with direct exports from Apollo costing over 10 times more.

3. How does Apollo Scraper Bot compare to its competitors? Apollo Scraper Bot offers significant savings at just $3 per 1000 contacts, compared to some competitors starting at $15.99.

4. How quickly can I receive exported contacts with Apollo Scraper Bot? Export times can vary from a few minutes to a few hours during high-demand periods.

5. Is there a limit on the number of contacts I can export with Apollo Scraper Bot Apollo Scraper Bot allows for scalable export options, ranging from 1000 to 20000 contacts with a clear pricing structure.

6. Do I need a paid Apollo account to use Apollo Scraper Bot? No, a free Apollo account is sufficient to generate the required scraping URL.

7. What data fields are included in the CSV file provided by Apollo Scraper Bot? The CSV file includes fields such as name, email, phone, company, location, etc.

8. How do I get started with Apollo Scraper Bot? Open the Telegram bot, type /start, submit your Apollo URL, select the number of contacts for export, make the payment, and receive results in the chat when ready.

9. Is there customer support available for Apollo Scraper Bot? Yes, customer support is available via DM to @apollo_scraper_support on Telegram.

10. How does Apollo Scraper Bot ensure the accuracy and validity of exported contacts? The bot extracts contact details from Apollo links and relies on Apollo's data accuracy, not being responsible for any data inaccuracies.

Priced at just $3 per 1000 contacts.

Number of Contacts Price
1000 contacts $3
2000 contacts $6
3000 contacts $9
4000 contacts $12
5000 contacts $15
6000 contacts $18
7000 contacts $21
8000 contacts $24
9000 contacts $27
10000 contacts $30
11000 contacts $33
12000 contacts $36
13000 contacts $39
14000 contacts $42
15000 contacts $45
16000 contacts $48
17000 contacts $51
18000 contacts $54
19000 contacts $57
20000 contacts $60
$3 per 1000 contacts